Supertouch offers Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a multitude of industries, including Automotive. There are many risks throughout the production line, repair and maintenance which can be overwhelming. By appropriately selecting task-specific PPE, you can keep your customers and staff safe. Included in our range are cut and puncture-resistant gloves, disposable gloves, coveralls, safety boots and trainers, hearing protection and more.

Our Top Automotive Products:


Supertouch PG-901 Disposable Nitrile Diamond Grip Gloves


Supertouch PG-901 Disposable Nitrile Diamond Grip Gloves


Supertouch Powderfree Nitrile Gloves


Pawa PG102 Breathable Anti-Abrasion Gloves


Pawa PG103 Breathable Anti-Abrasion Gloves


Pawa PG202 Oil-Resistant Gloves


Supertouch Polycotton Coverall Plus


Weld-Tex® Flame-Retardant Basic Coverall


Weld-Tex® Flame-Retardant Coverall


Supertouch PP Non-Woven Coveralls


Supertouch Supertex® SMS Type 5/6 Coverall


Supertouch CPE Disposable Overshoe


Supertouch BXG50 High Top Safety Trainer


Supertouch BCG50 Safety Trainer


Supertouch BLC30 Composite Safety Trainer