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As a leading multi-category supplier of workwear and personal protection equipment, Supertouch is the one-stop-shop for wearable safety product distributors. Our market leading range of disposable products positions Supertouch as the ideal supplier for those looking for hygiene solutions for medical, clinical and food production environments. For construction, manufacturing, and engineering, we deliver quality, value, and innovation through extensive ranges of hi-vis, workwear, protective gloves, footwear, and PPE. The safety and wellbeing of your workforce is your primary concern, so delivering safety solutions that help protect for any budget is ours.

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When you specify a Supertouch product it goes without saying you are specifying quality products that are designed and manufactured to perform in multiple applications - you also specify peace of mind. Supertouch will never launch a product that does not comply with the appropriate standards and regulatory requirements.

Client support commences from first contact with a consultative approach to ensuring end users are delivered cost-effective safety solutions. Our client teams receive professional HSE qualification training and are available to conduct site surveys, which combined with expert product knowledge allows Supertouch to deliver a tailored solution to your business.

Ongoing end-user training is also available and recommended to ensure maximum PPE compliance to help deliver safer working environments.

Latest News

  • The Price Of Protection - Specifying Your Disposable Gloves
    The Price Of Protection - Specifying Your Disposable Gloves
    With the supply of standard nitrile gloves being prioritised towards the medical sector by all suppliers, coupled with an increasing cost for nitrile gloves due to heightened global demand, the food industry has been asked to consider alternative hand protection for their employees’ essential PPE. Savings can be realised through not over-specifying disposable Nitrile gloves where a suitable alternative would suffice...
  • The Thinnest Ever Thermal Glove
    The Thinnest Ever Thermal Glove
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workwear specialist, Supertouch, has expanded its Pawā range of protective gloves, emphasising its commitment to innovation with the launch of the thinnest coated thermal glove on the market*.   The new addition, the PG400, is the only single-layer Thermolite® direct dipped glove to be rated EN511 level two for protection from contact cold. This makes...
  • Hand Protection In Food Manufacturing
    Hand Protection In Food Manufacturing
    All comments are attributable to Sangeeta Aeri, Technical Manager at Supertouch.   Please explain the relationship between relevant regulations and standards ISO 13997 and EN 388:2016?   ISO 13997 is the newest cut resistance test for gloves. It measures the amount of force required for a new, straight blade to cut through the glove liner material at a constant speed...

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