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As a leading multi-category supplier of workwear and personal protection equipment, Supertouch is the one-stop-shop for wearable safety product distributors. Our market leading range of disposable products positions Supertouch as the ideal supplier for those looking for hygiene solutions for medical, clinical and food production environments. For construction, manufacturing, and engineering, we deliver quality, value, and innovation through extensive ranges of hi-vis, workwear, protective gloves, footwear, and PPE. The safety and wellbeing of your workforce is your primary concern, so delivering safety solutions that help protect for any budget is ours.

We Are Industry Experts.

When you specify a Supertouch product it goes without saying you are specifying quality products that are designed and manufactured to perform in multiple applications - you also specify peace of mind. Supertouch will never launch a product that does not comply with the appropriate standards and regulatory requirements.

Client support commences from first contact with a consultative approach to ensuring end users are delivered cost-effective safety solutions. Our client teams receive professional HSE qualification training and are available to conduct site surveys, which combined with expert product knowledge allows Supertouch to deliver a tailored solution to your business.

Ongoing end-user training is also available and recommended to ensure maximum PPE compliance to help deliver safer working environments.

Latest News

  • Understanding Pyramex Anti-Fog Coatings
    Understanding Pyramex Anti-Fog Coatings
    One of the biggest concerns for wearers of safety eyewear is the issue of fogging lenses, especially in dangerous and high-risk situations. For those who work with tools, machinery and hazardous chemicals, poor visibility or impaired sight could have catastrophic implications. Supertouch® has partnered with Pyramex® to stock and distribute Pyramex® Safety Eyewear across our network of UK distributors, including...
  • Supertouch Granted Authorised Economic Operator Status
    Supertouch Granted Authorised Economic Operator Status
    Supertouch® is proud to announce it has been granted Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.   AEO is an internationally recognised quality mark signifying Supertouch® is trusted by the EU, and other major trading nations with the UK, to have efficient & compliant customs control procedures in place and that its position in the international supply chain is secure.   The...
  • PPE Specification Top Tips: Food Processing
    PPE Specification Top Tips: Food Processing
    For those working in the food manufacturing industry, there will always be a clear focus on delivering and maintaining the highest levels of health and safety. This is crucial for both employees and for consumers of the product, which is why PPE specification must be up-to-date, accurate and perfectly matched to the unique requirements of the application.   In this...

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