Manufacturing Workwear & PPE

The UK enjoys one of the most diverse manufacturing and production outputs in the world. From heavy machinery manufacture and quarrying, to high technology and everything in between, PPE requirement is vast, yet specific to the task at hand. At Supertouch we have one of the widest arrays of safety products and workwear available to help keep Britain and Ireland producing.

Manufacturing & Production

The key to ensuring the safety of the workforce is combining strenuous risk assessments with workforce engagement to ensure all aspects of the task at hand are covered. Supertouch is always on hand to provide advice and guidance to end-users and safety product distributors alike.

Our Top Manufacturing Products:


Supertouch PG-901 Disposable Nitrile Diamond Grip Gloves


Supertouch PG-901 Disposable Nitrile Diamond Grip Gloves


Supertouch S3 XLP30 Safety Boot


Pawa PG102 Breathable Anti-Abrasion Gloves


Pawa PG103 Breathable Anti-Abrasion Gloves


Pawa PG202 Oil-Resistant Gloves


Supertouch Bump Cup


Moldex M5 Earmuffs


Weld-Tex® Flame-Retardant Coverall