Our Products & The Environment

Written By Supertouch
Our Products & The Environment

As detailed in our environmental policy, any operations that may have an impact on the environment are a concern to Supertouch®. We are committed to managing waste generated from any business or manufacturing processes. We can do this by reusing and recycling such materials where we can.


However, some waste can be completely avoided altogether. As a result, we are reassessing our products in order to reduce excess packaging materials. One way to ensure this is by replacing individually bagged items with bulk packaging wherever possible.


With this in mind, we have made changes to the way our Handler Gloves are packed. Each pair of Handler Gloves came packed separately. With 120 pairs in a case, a substantial volume of plastic was being produced for this product. Going forward, we have chosen to pack these items in bulk. This will help us cut out a large amount of packing waste where one of our most popular items is concerned.


With environmental concerns being critical more than ever, we hope our reasoning behind this is clear. We are aiming to improve the effectiveness of our environmental policy, and we feel this is a step in right direction.