Supertouch and Aimont: Bringing Comfort to Construction

Written By Supertouch
Supertouch and Aimont: Bringing Comfort to Construction

Gone are the days of painful or uncomfortable safety footwear thanks to Supertouch, the PPE and workwear solutions specialist, and Aimont, a leading safety shoe manufacturer.


Having recently teamed up with Aimont, Supertouch is now providing its customers in the construction and building industry with an extensive range of boots and shoes designed specifically for the sector.


With extreme slip and puncture resistant soles as a must, anti-abrasion and water resistance as well as in some instances - metatarsal protection, the Aimont range not only meets the necessary industry standards, but goes one step further in providing pain-free protection and across a variety of styles and designs.


Due to the potentially dangerous environments and varying terrain of a construction site, a capped toe is essential for most workers on site. However, many of these come in the form of heavy, bulky boots that are often impractical or uncomfortable.


Instead, the Aimont range features innovative Light Plus toe cap technology. Being polymer based, this toecap is extremely lightweight, without compromising on protective strength, matching the power of a classic steel toecap with a resistance of up to 200J. However, should a Classic toecap be the preferred choice, there are a number of Aimont options to choose from - providing a shoe to meet the needs of everyone on site.


Those working in the building and construction industry spend long hours on their feet, completing a variety of physically demanding tasks during the day - additional features such as the Flex-System Zero midsole is the perfect sole solution. Designed with comfort in mind, the technical composite midsole is both lightweight and flexible, making light work of manoeuvring around site, protecting 100% of the bearing surface. For those looking for a traditional steel midsole, Aimont also provides a Classic plate with a resistance of up to 1100 newton fitted in a selection of the shoes.


Footbed type is another important area to consider when looking at safety footwear. Many products within the Aimont range, feature a Comfort Plus footbed, made with a soft PU which is anti-static and anatomic. This provides excellent energy absorption in the heel area, making it ideal for those who come across heavy lifting duties in their day-to-day work.


Other safety shoes are fitted instead with a Vento Plus footbed which is also antistatic and anatomic, offering stable support. This footbed is antimicrobial and anti-fungal, providing good protection and ventilation for those working in thermal environments.

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