Why has EN388 added another cut test?

Written By Supertouch
Why has EN388 added another cut test?

By April 2019 all cut rated gloves need to be tested using the TDM-100 test introduced in the 2016 update of the Standard. But why?

Over the last decade, anti-cut fibre technology has advanced to the point where the blade used in the coupe test (see graphic below) is blunted leading to inconsistent readings. The TDM-100 test is closer to ‘real-world’ situations and measures the amount of force required for a new, straight blade to cut through the glove liner material at a constant speed of 2.5mm/s over a distance of 20mm.

Some manufacturer’s cut level 5 gloves are only achieving a cut level C in the EN ISO 13997:1999 TDM test which could mean workers are underprotected. Describing the cut rating of a glove as ‘5C’ could be misleading, so Supertouch® is now leading its glove specification based on the newer standards and will work with end users to ensure specifiers are educated and select the right glove for the job.