Safety Gloves & Workwear Suitable For The Construction Industry

Written By Supertouch
Safety Gloves & Workwear Suitable For The Construction Industry

Hand Protection

Hand protection is important throughout the entirety of any build, right from breaking ground to the final lick of paint. Below is a selection of hand hazards that need to be taken into consideration:


Groundworkers need protection from wet conditions as well as those handling building products in bad weather.


For outdoor workers in the winter months thermal gloves are essential in reducing accidents and maintaining good worker wellbeing.

Cemetitious Products

Builders come in contact with cement at multiple stages of the build. Gloves are required to prevent dermatitis caused by contact with Chromium VI in cement.

Cut Hazards

Be it dry lining or cutting aircete blocks, high level cut protection is required with updated EN388 cut levels being specified.


Building contractors must consult product safety data sheets before using various products to ensure they are properly protected.


Builders need to carry multiple heavy or sharp objects and handling accidents can carry serious consequences.  
Pawa® PG101 Durability & 360° Breathability Pawa® PG103 Durability & 360° Breathability
Pawa® PG120 High Dexterity & Breathability Pawa® PG121 High Dexterity & Breathability
Pawa® PG201 Water-Resistant Pawa® PG241 Water-Resistant & Thermal
Pawa® PG530 EN ISO Cut Level D Pawa® PG550 EN ISO Cut Level F

Workwear & High Visibility

Workwear for construction workers has come a long way!

While still durable and tough, the advancement of fabric technologies means contractors can be more comfortable than ever before. It is important to be able to supply workwear for all conditions and job tasks. The construction industry also requires some body wear to offer protection too. High Visibility helps protect workers from hazards such as moving plant, but in sites where refurbishment is taking place, Asbestos offers substantial risk that builders need protection from.  
Supertouch® Hi Vis Softshell Lightweight & Visible Storm-Flex® Parka Water-Resistance
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Pawa® Combat Trousers Durable & Functional Weld-Tex® FR Coverall Flame Retardant

Foot Protection

In construction, which is high-risk and involves walking across varying terrains, footwear needs to offer enhanced grip and stability, slip, penetration and water resistance. To that end, most construction sites insist on a minimum S3 SRC level of protection.  
Aimont® Revenger Safety Boot S3 SRC Protection Aimont® Trucker UK Safety Boot S3 SRC Protection

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