PPE Suitable For The Construction Industry

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PPE Suitable For The Construction Industry

Employment in the construction sector has grown steadily since 2014 and is now above peak levels before the crash in 2007.

Today, 9% of workers in Great Britain are employed in the construction industry, with regional variations meaning levels as high as 15% in the South East and 12% in the North West. Roles of those employed in the sector vary greatly with firms of all sizes operating in it, from independent contractors & small specialist firms to huge multi-disciplined main contractors. At Supertouch®, regardless of the size and specialist need of the business, we’ve got you covered. Construction contractors, big or small require quality products to protect their workforce and ensure they meet an ongoing industry target to improve productivity. The quality of safety equipment can play a big role in achieving productivity targets as LTIs can seriously damage output. With worker PPE compliance contributing to 23% of accidents, workwear must be both comfortable, functional and suitable for British conditions and construction techniques while safety and health equipment needs correct specification and great performance. As a supplier of protective workwear and PPE, Supertouch® is committed to ensuring the safety of construction workers through the provision of leading branded products as well as ethically sourced, high quality own branded ranges designed for UK construction needs and strenuously tested to ensure 100% Standards compliance.

At Supertouch, regardless of the size and specialist need of the business, we've got you covered


Construction as an industry also offers up a multitude of hazards

In fact the construction industry reports the highest number of fatal injury accidents each year. One site’s hazards can at any one-time include chemical, mechanical, cut, height, slips & trips, moving objects and many more. This is where partnering with a supplier that can provide the complete range of products to satisfy a contract can reap rewards. Supertouch® supplies head to toe protection for the construction and civil engineering sectors that are dependable, durable and packed with innovation to improve compliance, reduce accident rates, boost performance and save cost.    


Overhead and falling objects, cement dust, dermatitis, abrasion & high noise levels


High cut and puncture risk, high dry & wet grip requirements, eye protection


Knee protection, dexterity & grip requirement, slip-resistance

Enabling & Ground Works

Traffic & mobile plant visibility, wet & cold environments, wet concrete splash

First & Second Fix

Slips & trips, heat & cut risk, dexterity requirement, airborne particles & chemicals


UV protection, breathability & water-resistance

Head Protection

Every construction site will have different hazards and conditions, but one constant for all is a requirement for head and eye protection.

Safety helmets are required to be worn at all times while on-site to comply with Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992 and employers must supply all employees with suitable head protection. Beware of fake safety helmets, ensure any PPE provided to employees comes from a reputable supplier and carries the relevant CE mark and protection.  
JSP® Evo® 3 Safety Helmet Supertouch® Safety Helmet

Eye Protection

Working on a building site presents multiple eye hazards for construction workers. Safety eyewear must protect the wearer from projectiles but contractors can also be at risk from other elements such as cement dust, liquid chemicals, vapour and UV from the sun. All Pyramex® safety spectacles are scratch-resistant, anti-fogging, lightweight and offer UV protection, but a one style fits all approach to specifying safety eyewear must be avoided and needs to be task appropriate with a correct fit.  
Pyramex® ITEK Safety Glasses View the Pyramex Range

Respiratory Protection

Common respiratory hazards in construction include dust, vapours, and gas. When selecting respiratory PPE it is important to ensure the right filter is specified for each hazard. It is equally important to ensure a good fit to the face allows an adequate seal to be formed, men with beards or heavy stubble will require full-face respirators.  
JSP® Force™ 8 Half Face Mask Supertouch® Half Face Mask

Hearing Protection

The EU’s 2016 update of PPE Regulations identifies workplace noise as a significant health risk, prompting a category change for hearing protection with the World Health Organization (WHO) identifying noise-induced hearing loss as being the most common permanent and preventable injury in the world. There is an exposure limit value of 87 decibels (dB), taking account of any reduction in exposure provided by hearing protection, above which workers must not be exposed.  
JSP® Sonis® 3 Ear Defenders Supertouch® Ear Defenders

Working at Heights

In the UK, falls from height is the most common cause of fatalities accounting for three in ten (29%) of fatal injuries to workers, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In construction, there are a number of systems available such as harnesses, birdcage scaffolding and fall prevention platforms to name a few and often a combination of systems is implemented. Which system to specify is dependent on site conditions.  
Supertouch® Fall Arrest Kit w/Scaffold Hook Supertouch® Fall Arrest Kit

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